Printing Dyeing Weaving and embroidery (I)

The Great Treasury of Chinese Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts 6: Printing Dyeing Weaving and Embroidery 1.

The history of Chinese printing, dyeing,weaving and embroidery can be traced to tile late Neolithic Age. When patterned damask, brocade and braided embroidery made their appearance during the Shang and Zhou dynasties,it marked the arrival of consummate stage in printing, dyeing, weaving and embroidery crafts. Prosperity with all-round development emerged during the Warring States Period .Qin and Han dynasties,when the world famous"Silk Road"was opened up. A gre~t variety of brocade and cotton textiles unearthed from time to time in No. I Chu State Tomb of the Warring State.',; Period at Mashan, Jiangling, Hubei province, the Western Hah dynasty No. I Tomb at Mawangdui,Changsha, Hunan province,and the ruined sites a long the "Silk Road"represent the splendid achieve merits during this period. The beautiful weft brocade,well-known and precious ko-ssy (not for utili tartan but appreciative purpose), embroidery, sim pie.bright and clear wax-dyeing of Chinese folks tie-and dve silk,silk with hand-printed designs,and cotton textiles that appeared in the Tang and Song dynasties further pushed Ibc craft to new height in China.

Included in this buok arc 203 fine works of various periods from the Shahs to Song dynasties. They have been edited and arranged according 1oage,specimen and pattern form.

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