Patterns on Textiles and Other Objects of the Êdê and Mnông


Patterns on Textiles and Other Objects of the Êdê and Mnông in the Central Highlands of Vietnam Studies in the Material Cultures of Southeast Asia No. 9 This is an indispensable contribution to the literature on the material culture of the peoples of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. In addition to providing a great deal of new information on the textiles of the Êdê and Mnông, two of most important ethnic in groups in the Central Highlands, it also discusses baskets and architectural decoration. These and other peoples in the central Highlands have a very rich traditional material culture that has been neglected in Southeast Asian literature to a great extent. The present work amply illustrates just how rich this tradition is and will help to draw attention to a heritage that is rapidly disappearing. Maps, drawings of patterns, black and white photographs, and over 200 color photographs accompany the text.

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Published: 2005

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