Textiles of the Highland Peoples of Burma


Textiles of the Highland Peoples of Burma Vol. 1: The Naga, Chin, Jingpho and Other Baric-speaking Groups Studies in the Material Cultures of Southeast Asia No. 7 Volume 1 focuses on the speakers of Tibeto-Burma languages that are classified as baric. These include numerous groups of Naga, Chin as well as the Mru, Jingpho, Kado, Riang, and Meithei. The majority of these people live in the western highlands of Burma as well as in neighboring areas of Bangladesh and India. The present work provides background on these people and a comprehensive survey of their textiles which includes a great deal of new information. In addition to dozens of black and white photographs and several maps, there are 96 plates with 264 color photographs.

  • New Paperback 21.5*29.5 cm, 372 pp.


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ISBN: 9789744800664
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Publisher: White Lotus
Published: 2005

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