Patterns of Dunhuang Dresses and Adornments in Different Ages

( 中国敦煌历代服饰图案 )

Patterns of China Dunhuang Dresses and Adornments in Different Ages. Text in Chinese and English.
Dunhuang is the world-famous grotto gallery, preserving the Buddhist sculptures and murals as well as colored statues over ten dynasties including the Northern Wei, Western Wei and Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan, etc..Their content covered Buddhist stories and fairy legends and offered extremely valuable artistic and historical materials recording the social customs, geography, mountains, traffics, daily life, architecture, music and dance in different times.
This book has systematically sorted out the dress patterns obtained from Dunhuang murals and color sculptures and reproduced the original appearance of the dress patterns of different dynasties. It is an indispensable reference book for today to Artists in advertisement, costume and interior decoration designing and provides very rich and reliable basis for specialists and painters studying the ancient printing and weaving patterns of China.

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