Into the Porcelain Pillow

( 太平广记选 )

Into the Porcelain Pillow: 101 Tales From Records of the Taiping Era. Compiled by Li Fang and others of the Song Dynasty, includes 101 tales from Records of the Taiping Era, one of China's most famous collection of ancient stories. Contains nearly 7,000 intriguing tales from 475 books dating from the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) to the beginning the Song Dynasty (978 A.D.). Reflecting on a liberal and romantic era in Chinese history, these exquisite and marvelous stories encapsulate the imagination and creativity of the ancient Chinese people. They have had a lasting impact on the Chinese people's ways of thinking, concepts, folk customs and everyday life through the ages. These lavish stories will lead readers into a mysterious ancient world.

  • New Paperback 11*18 cm, 314 pp.


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ISBN: 7119020110
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Published: 1998
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