Advanced Spoken Chinese (Second Edition) Vol 1

( 高级汉语口语 )


Edited by Liu Yuanman.

The new words of this textbook are mainly the fourth degree words selected from the Syllabus of Chinese Words and Characters; some are the fifth degree words and idioms. Based on the original textbook, the new edition revised and added some new texts, was changed into volume1,2 and improvement. The characteristics are as follows:1) Texts of volume 1 and 2 are centered on a typical Chinese family, for displaying many aspects of Chinese family and society. 2) The figures are given a certain personality and language style. 3) Diversified exercises are added; there are exercises of text and new words and drills of complex sentence patterns and expression in paragraphs. 4) Systematic explanation of colloquial Chinese.

  • New Paperback 18.5*26 cm, 154 pp.


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Published: 2004

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