Tibetan Costume and Ornaments

On the beautiful and magic Tibetan plateau dwell the various ethnic groups of Tibetan, Han, Hui, Monba, Lhoba, Deng and Xiarba with the Tibetans making up the most part. The Tibetan costume and ornaments have a long history and are caracterized by its unique structures, artistic and strong local features. Cultural relics and archaeological data show that the basic style of Tibetan costume today took shape as early as the 11th century. The prominent artistic feature is the regular progress in color and pattern, owing to the differences in natural conditions and working and living styles of various places in addition to the factors of economic and cultural exchanges. In the middle ages, the costume was very gorgeous, but it turned to be simple in the modern era. At festivals or on important occasions, the old and even young people wear national costume with extensive use of gold and silver, jewelry, ivory and jade ornaments or substitions. The book is full of splendid photographs with complementary notes. The contents is divided in six chapters : - Features of Costume and ornaments - Local Styles - Robes for Officials - Costume and Ornaments for Monks and priests - Costume and Ornaments in Tibetan Drama and Dances - Fashions

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