Chinese Health Qigong - Wu Qin Xi With 1 DVD

( 健身气功:五禽戏(英) )

Wu Qin Xi or Five-Animal Exercises imitating the movements of nimals and birds, is a group of physical and breathing exercises for health care with a uniquely Chinese national flavor. The system was esigned by Hua Tuo, a leading physician of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). In this book, the physical movements and spiritual expressions of hose creatures are vividly described, and the principles of raditional Qigong exercises are used as guidance for students. During practice of the exercises, they are asked to coordinate their mind with the movements, and combine internal exercises with xternal exercises. Experience has proved that after a certain period of practice, both the physical and the mental health are improved.

A new version in French language is available now here.

  • New Paperback 15.5*22 cm, 102 pp.


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Published: 2007
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