The Tea Road, China and Russia Meet Across the Steppe

( 茶之路 )


by Martha Avery. This book tells of the little known Old Tea Road between China and Russia via Mongolia. This commercial route that opened as a result of China's flourishing tea trade can be traced back to 450 years ago. It gives a vivid description of the rise and decline of this commercial road, changes in the surrounding cultural environment, and prospects for its revival in the era of China's reform and opening. It also details Sino-foreign relations on the Eurasian Continent in the fields of politics, economy and culture. With b&w photos. Contents: Foreword Tea Road Chronology Introduction: The Tea Road from Three Perspectives, China, Russia,the Steppe 1. The Tea Road, Start to Finish 2.“Plucking the Hills and Boiling the Oceans”: Start to the Tea Trade in China 3. Transcontinental Tools of Trade 4.Ming Horse Markets along the Great Wall: Kalgan 5. Redlar Wang and a Tea-trading Conglomerate on the Steppe 6. Camel Caravans to Urga: Lamas and Lamaseries in the Gobi 7. Crossing the Tuul River at Urga 8. The Manchus Take Mongolia 9. Carving away the Lefthand Khanate from Both Ends 10. Count Sava and the Founding of Kiakhta 11. Spy Posts at the Russian Yards in Beijing Footnotes Glossary Index

  • New Paperback 17*23 cm, 198 pp.


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