Everyday Dishes

( 简易家常菜(英汉) )

As the saying goes, "People regard food as their prime want." People cannot survive without food. Along with the improvement of people's life, eating becomes a form of entertainment. As a part of the national culture, Chinese cuisine has become more important in world culture as a whole. In this book, we have chosen 118 home-style dishes, with over 560 colored pictures. It explains how to make the dishes step by step, with the help of sketches. In this way, you can become proficient in Chinese cuisine in the shortest time possible. Buy fish and vegetables when you have time, and cook the dishes with the help of the sketches. You will be happy in the kitchen, and your family will appreciate your efforts. This book is published in lingual format. Foreign friends who are interested in Chinese cuisine may be confident that they too can become skilled chefs in the tradition of Chinese cuisine.

  • New Paperback 19*26 cm, 181 pp.


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ISBN: 7119030817
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Published: 2002
ISBN-13: 9787119030814

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