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The major aquatic products in the book include fish, shrimp, crabs and shelled fish, and the first three categories include both freshwater ones and those from the sea. The ways of cooking aquatic foods vary according to the size of the ingredients. if the sea item is small, as in the case of shrimps, maintaining tenderness should be the top priority. Consequently, quickly stir-frying with different sauces or steaming techniques should be adopted. Typical examples are steamed fish, stir-fried shrimps and quick-fried shrimps with distilled grains sauce. In the case of a large fish, either part of it such as the head or the tail or the whole fish can be cooked in short time. Braised fish in soy sauce is one example. Shrimps can be cooked in different ways with the shells on. Or the shells can be taken off and the shrimps are wrapped with egg white and/or cornstarch to stir-fry in lukewarm oil. This way their fresh tenderness can be preserved. Otherwise the longer they are cooked, the tougher they become. All aquatic products carry a fishy smell. To remove this, cooking wine, scallions, ginger and similar fish-smell removing ingredients are essential. Bony and fine-meat fish can be used to make soup so that, after cooking, it will be easier to remove the bones. Small sized fish can be deep-fried so that the bones become crispy and edible. Large fish that have thick meat can be cut into different sized chunks, slices, shreds, cubes, etc. Or they can be made into fish fluffing as an ingredient. Such methods of cooking allow the meat to fully absorb the contributing ingredients. Before they are cooked, fish must be killed, the scales removed, the fins cut off, and the gills taken out. The fish must also be opened with a cut along its belly or on its back in order to clear out the inside parts, including the dark membrane inside the belly. To use the fish to make shreds or long and thin slices, the bones must also be removed. To do this, I first cut of f the head, and then hold the knife flat to cut one side of the fish from the bone, starting from the neck and going down to the tail. Half of the fish meat is thus obtained. Now use a chopper to cut sideways along the ribs to take out all the rib bones. Do the same to the other side of the fish. In cooking shrimps, their legs should be cut off, the back tendon pulled out and the intestine removed.

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