Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes - Meat Dishes

( 学做中国菜 - 肉菜类 )

Meat dishes in Chinese cooking generally refer to those dishes using pork, lamb or mutton and beef as the main ingredient. Pork, because of the different qualities of the meat, being fat, lean, tough and tender and coming from different parts of the pig, provides a wide range of choices. Other ingredients that are used in cooking with pork compliment the particular choice of meat. Pork can be stewed in large chunks, or it can be cut into slices, shreds, or cubes to be used in dishes with other ingredients. Mutton is not generally cut into shreds because of its wide spread of sinew, different length of fiber and greater amount of fat. Ideally, it is stewed in large chunks or quickly stir-fried in slices. It provides a good choice for a hot pot, along with other ingredients- Beef has more lean meat than fat and is usually tougher than pork or mutton. It is thus most suitable for stewing in large pieces or for cutting into shreds and slices. Of course it is good material for making steaks. When cutting beef, make sure you cut against the grain of the meat. To stir-fry, quick-fry and braise beef or pork shreds, egg white or cornstarch usually has to be used to mix with the cut meat so that the juices in the meat will not be entirely lost during the process of cooking over a high fire. This also preserves the ten^ derness of the meat. Spices and seasonings are usually added in the process of cooking, rather than having the meat cooked first and then adding the seasonings at the time of serving. This is one of the major characteristics of Chinese cooking. It is therefore very important to preserve the original juice of the meat and let the flavor of the seasonings be totally absorbed. To cook large pieces of meat, add water first and heat it so that much of the fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients will dissolve into the water to make a delicious soup or gravy- Three hours of cooking is ideal in order to allow all the flavors to be absorbed into the dish. For example, one dish uses pork, both the meat and skin parts, cut into small squares and boiled along with the seasonings. The meat tastes soft, juicy and simply delicious. Another, "Stewed Large Pork Balls with Brown Sauce- requires a mixture of 60 percent lean meat and 40 percent fatty meat ground and shaped into balls, after all the necessary ingredients are added. Then the pork balls are deep-fried over a high fire until they are brownish in color. More seasonings and ingredients are boiled along with the meatballs. Once the liquid boils, a low fire is used to let the dish simmer for 30 minutes. This way, the dish is rich but not greasy and the flavors are fully absorbed into the meatballs. Even to cook "Sweet and Sour Pork-, the meat must be sliced and first cooked along with seasonings. More sweet and sour seasonings and soup are used to make thick gravy- This gravy is then used to stir-fry with the previously cooked pork slices in order to allow the maximum absorption of the flavors. There are many ways of cooking meat dishes, including deep-frying, slippery- frying, quick-frying, stir-frying after the meat is submerged in previously prepared sauce, deep-frying before stir-trying, braising, and roasting. Each depends on the wishes of the diner when choosing the ingredients and ways of cooking.

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