Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes - Family Banquet

( 学做中国菜 - 家宴类 )

Though a family feast is not as standard as a formal dinner in a restaurant, hosts and guests can enjoy a meal at home prepared according to their own tastes and one consisting of quantities and varieties according to their own liking- Even if the host cook is somewhat less skilled than a restaurant cook, the guests are unlikely to complain and may even add pleasure by joining the host in preparing the meal. Very often, some unexpectedly fine dishes are created in a home kitchen. Each set of the family feasts introduced in this book consists of ten dishes. You can choose any one of them according to the number of diners or you can select from each of the four sets to create your own combination. You should, however, pay attention to the balance between meat dishes and vegetable dishes, staple food and non-staple food, cold dishes and warm dishes. Besides, you are advised to take into consideration the age, native place and dietary habits of your guests. If your guest diners include old people and children, the feast should include some soft and less greasy dishes. Furthermore, dishes should be less spicy. In China for example, southerners like fish and shrimp with light seasonings while northerners love beef, mutton and heavily seasoned food. This regional difference in diet, however, is lessening as a result of the increased movement of the people and social contacts. A feast consisting of both northern and southern dishes will always add pleasure and achieve better results. Still, the choice of dishes should coincide with the season. In summer, lightly seasoned dishes as opposed to oily dishes should be the main courses; while in autumn, dishes should contain more calories and a dinner should have one or two spicy dishes. Finally, the host should have information on the dietary habits, particularly dietary taboos of the guests in order to avoid any awkwardness at the dinner table.

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