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A great variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that humans rely on to maintain physical health and the balance of acid and alkaline in the body, as well as to resist attacks of diseases can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. If the way of cooking the vegetables is correct and the mix of different kinds of vegetables is right, then vegetable dishes are of great benefit to one's health. The types of fruits and vegetables on the market often vary from season to season and from region to region. There is an ancient Chinese saying: Eat young shoots in spring, leaves in summer, fruits in autumn and roots in winter. " Today, thanks to the development of new techniques for cultivation, new varieties of vegetables are emerging and the impact of seasons on the growth of vegetables has markedly decreased. The result is that there is a greater choice of vegetables to select as ingredients for cooking, more ways of combining different varieties of vegetables, and larger numbers of new cooking techniques. Cooking of vegetables may seem easy, but only meticulous preparations lead to good dishes. First, vegetables should be washed before being cut and then, once cut, they should be immediately cooked. It left aside too long, the cut vegetables will lose much of their color and luster More importantly, vitamins and nutritious elements will be lost in the process. The way of cooking should be chosen according to the quality of the vegetables. For instance, green-leafed vegetables should be quick-fried to maintain their tenderness and crispiness. Ingredients taken from vegetable fruits and roots can be sauted, simmered on low fire, steamed or boiled so that they will fully absorb the desired flavor of the dishes. Besides, a strict procedure for adding salt and other seasonings should be observed. Stir-frying and boiling are the chief means for cooking vegetable dishes and the temperature of the oil or water is controlled by maintaining the right kind of fire. In short, vegetable cooking requires good control of the fire. Only with right fire and right time, can the dishes maintain the deliciousness and freshness of the vegetables, the balanced complement of ???sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty flavors and good combination of the color, aroma and flavor.

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