Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber With 300 Cases

( 金匮要略方针 )

Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber With 300 Cases - a Classic of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Ancient and Contemporary Case Studies, by Zhang Zhongjing. Compiled and translated by Luo Xiwen, Ph.D.

Treatise on Febrile Disease Caused by Cold (Shanghan Lun) and Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber (Jinkui Yaolue Fanglun) are the two most important classics of traditional Chinese medicine, written some 1,700 years ago by Zhang Zhongjing, the great sage of traditional Chinese medicine.

The importance of these two books in traditional Chinese medicine is similar to that of Newtonian theory in the world of physics and Euclid's Elements in the field of geometry. These two books are still used by students as textbooks in all colleges of traditional Chinese medicine as well as being used by medical practitioners and scholars in the field as a reference books.

The present book, Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber with 300 Cases, is a completely revised edition of the previous Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber. As well as some revisions and improvements to the original translation, Professor Luo has also added illustrative case studies to the text. As some of the prescriptions also appear in the Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold with 500 Cases, the number of cases selected from thousands of the most representative ones by noted practitioners both in modern and ancient times was limited to 300. These selected cases are of great help to readers in understanding this ancient classic, a book still highly valued by all those who use its knowledge to relieve the plains of the general populace.

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