China Panorama - Approaching Chinese Vol 3


China Panorama is a series of Chinese textbooks prepared by a group of TCFL experts invited by The Development Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Under the Ministry of Education of P.R. China. China Panorama is the first large-scale Chinese teaching program in a TV series, specially designed for anyone who is keen to learn Chinese. China Panorama consists of textbooks of various levels including Chinese Phonetics, Approaching Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Chinese for Business and Chinese for Tourism. The first two books are meant for beginners, the third is devised for intermediate learners and the last two are prepared for advanced users. While connected with one another they remain independent and systematic. China Panorama is accompanied by both audio and video tapes and CD-ROM for learners to choose from.

  • New Paperback 22*28.5 cm, 278 pp.


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ISBN: 7801265017
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Publisher: 语文出版
Published: 2004
ISBN-13: 9787801265012

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