Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy

Treatment of diseases by scraping the neck, chest or back is an important Chinese traditional medicinal therapy. The patient's skin is scraped to achieve local sweating, so that pathogenic factors are eliminated directly. Because it is simple, convenient, effective and has no side effects it has been practiced for centuries by the Chinese people, and is a precious heritage of traditional Chinese medical science. It is regarded as "a form of acupuncture which does not penetrate the skin, a bloodletting therapy without bleeding, and a massage therapy not using the hands directly." This book introduces treatment of diseases by scraping comprehensively, systematically and objectively, merging the theory of channels and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine with the basic theories of Western medicine and bio-holographic theories, developing holographic scraping treatment for diseases by scraping the key places of functional activities on the surface of the patient's body and holographic acupoints on the body's surface corresponding to internal organs to achieve more obvious curative effects. The book also introduces scraping treatment for diseases identified by Western medicine, the dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and hygienic methods. With a wealth of diagrams, the book is a practical teaching manual which popularizes this effective form of traditional Chinese folk medicine.

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