A Chinese-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terms

( 中英佛教词典 )

Edited by Chen Guansheng. A Chinese-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terms is a Chinese-English dictionary with Chinese explanations. This dictionary collects more than 16 thousand entries, covering terms, allusions, books, monks, relics, rituals, schisms, events, places, Buddhism materials of Mahayana (including Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism) and Hinayana Buddhism.

Every entry consists of Chinese phrase, English translation and concise Chinese explanation. For important terms, names and allusions, Latin conversions are provided other than Sanskrit or Pali. Latin conversions are also available for Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist terms. One entry may have different Chinese explanations for readers to choose. For ancient monks, temples and places, Pinyin spellings are marked additional to Wade-Giles.

All entries of this dictionary are collected from ancient literatures other than creating or coining new terms.The entries of this dictionary not only reflect multitudinous Buddhism schisms, ancient books, terms and profound doctrines, but also have simple and concise explanations of the meaning and historical background.During nearly two thousand years, Buddhism has merged into Chinese traditional culture, custom and thinking. This dictionary is thus an appropriate reference book for technical researchers, translators and people engaged in industry, agriculture, business, diplomacy, politics and tourism.

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