Chinese-English Clinical Moxibustion

( 汉英对照临床灸学 )

Edited by Li, Guanrong. This is a hook on moxibustion of TCM. On more than 30 years’ clinical practice, the author makes a systematic exposition of the clinical application of moxibustion and his basic study achievements, and provides its readers with detailed first-hand datum. This hook is divided into four parts. The first part gives a general introduction of moxibustion, its status quo, classification, material, right operation, mechanism and some typical cases. Part two is about channels and acupoints applied in moxibustion. Part three introduces the treatment of common diseases by moxibustion. Part four is pictures. With its enriched contents and plain language, this bilingual hook is very practical and useful for moxibustion and acupuncture doctors, medical students, foreign students and people who are interested in this art of medicine.

  • New Paperback 14*20.5 cm, 240 pp.


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Published: 2004
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