Curing Diseases the Chinese Way with Ginger, Garlic, Green Onion

( 葱姜蒜治百病 )

Curing Diseases the Chinese Way with Ginger, Garlic and Green Onion. Green onion, ginger and garlic are indispensable flavorings for cooking delicious dishes. They are also very useful for treating many diseases.

CURING DISEASES THE CHINESE WAY WITH GINGER, GARLIC AND GREEN ONION is the first book to fully explore their pharmaceutical value according to the theories of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical practice. More than 600 recipes using green onion, ginger and garlic as the principal ingredients, together with other Chinese herbs and tonics as supplemental components, for treating more than 100 diseases are described in this book. The recipes are simple, practical, effective and safe.

This book is useful for medical and health care reference at home or while traveling as well as for clinical practice and medical research.

  • New Paperback 14*20 cm, 154 pp.


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Published: 2006
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