Native Orchids of China in Colour

( 中国野生兰科植物彩色图鉴 )

The orchid family, with well over 20,000 species, comprises about a tenth of all flowering plants. In its diversity and beauty, it is one of the most interesting and attractive of all! Several thousand species of orchids have been cultivated, and the number is growing rapidly each year. The unique floral structure of the orchids and their intricate adaptaions to pollination have made them a favorite of naturalists and students for centuries, and their study will continue to hold great interest for the indefinite future. The evolutionary adaptations of orchids made them an early subject for coevolutionary studies, and Charles Darwin's book: THE VARIOUS CONTRIVANCES BY WHICH ORCHIDS ARE FERTILIZED BY INSECTS, of which the second edition appeared in 1888, laid the groundwork for many subsequent studies that have revealed amazing details of these interrelationships. The intricate mycorrhizal relationships between the roots of orchids and fungi, which are indispensable .or their nutrition, are also among the most complex coevolutionary relationships known. The great majority of orchids are tropical, with over 100 species sometimes occurring together at a single locality. In the -ropical forests where they are abundant, orchids often occur as epiphytes on tree trunks and branches, or in similar habitats on rocks. Widespread forest destruction throughout tropical and subtropical regions have pushed hundreds of species of orchids to the brink of extinction, and it is fortunate that they are relatively easily cultivated. The dramatic loss of habitats in China was vividly illustrated by the widespread floods of 1998, and underscores in a different way the fact that many Chinese orchids are threatened or endangered. To protect, conserve and, at last, sustainably use these treasures not only for China but also for the whole world, a sound understanding of the orchid biodiversity is an urgent task facing us today. The book NATIVE ORCHIDS OF CHINA IN COLOUR is published at a critical time to meet needs. The authors of NATIVE ORCHIDS OF CHINA IN COLOUR are also among those who have been working on the treatment of the Orchidaceae for the �Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae� and the �Flora of China�. They are the scientists with the most extensive knowledge of Chinese orchids, their expertise ensuring the quality of this book, which includes 403 species and 791 color images, almost all from natural habitats, as well as precise and detailed descriptions for each accounting for nearly a third of all those found in China. The descriptions, given in both Chinese and English, will make this A work widely useful within China and abroad. With almost all of the images taken from natural habitats, this book is no double the largest of its kind in the world. Because the excellence of this work, which will be an important reference for scientists, horticulturists, conservationists, mid and all those interested in the orchids of China, I am delighted to be able to congratulate the authors on their significant achievement

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Published: 1999

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