Intensive Spoken Chinese

( 口语速成 )


New Approches to Learning Chinese, Intensive Spoken Chinese. Edited by Zhang Pengpeng. This is the new edition now with one MP3 CD. This is an innovative new text using a modular approach to learning beginning Chinese. The three book set may be used as part of a comprehensive course, or as individual books that teach a specific aspect of the language. It is suggested that Intensive Spoken Chinese and Most Common Chinese Radicals be taught first, and then go on to Rapid Literacy in Chinese.

This volume concentrates on spoken Chinese, teaching tones, vocabulary, and sentences using pinyin only. Includes 40 lessons, teaching about 1000 words, many grammar notes.

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  • New Paperback 18.5*26 cm, 166 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787800525773
Shipping Weight: 1.3lbs
Publisher: Sinolingua
Published: 2010

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