Vanished Kingdoms: A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China & Mongolia


Vanished Kingdoms, A Woman Explorer in Tibet,China & Mongolia 1921-1925 by Mabel H. Cabot. Vanished Kingdoms is the story of a remarkable young woman named Janet Elliott Wulsin who, bucking both the traditions and expectations of her upper-class family, escaped the cloistered world of Edith Wharton’s New York to explore remote corners of Western China, Inner Mongolia, and northwestern Tibet. Wulsin’s story went largely untold until, after her death in 1963, her daughter, Mabel Cabot, found her mother’s private letters and diaries. Cabot spent the next four years conducting research in the Harvard University Library and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology to unravel her mother’s fascinating story. Cabot shares her mother’s adventures in this magnificent illustrated book, which contains over 140 extraordinary photographs documenting the lost world of Imperial China.

  • New Hardcover 29*25.5 cm, 190 pp.


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ISBN: 1931788081
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Publisher: Aperture
Published: 2003

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