The Best of The Best:The MQJ Collection of Ming Furniture

( 木趣居:家具中的嘉具 )


MQJ, abbreviated from Mu Qu Ju, is the name chosen by renowned scholar Wang Shixiang for this special Ming Furniture collection. Grace Wu - classical furniture expert of the new generation, her MQJ collection represents the pinnacle of the craft and art of Ming Furniture. The MQJ collection comprises eleven categories, over one hundred pieces all made of huanghuali and zitan wood, each piece of beautiful design, superb craftsmanship and in excellent condition with many rare examples, some unique. The MQJ collection was formed during the 1980s and 90s, the golden age of collecting Ming Furniture. It was a unique opportunity in a bygone era, and to assemble again a representative collection of such quality and rarity is no longer possible. This book is the well-researched catalogue of the MQJ collection of Ming Furniture. The specification, design, construction, provenance and publication details of each piece (set) are meticulously recorded, and woodblock prints from the Ming and Qing periods are included for reference. Completely bilingual, the book is illustrated with photographs of high artistic and documentary value. The publication of this book from conception, cataloguing, photography, design to production has taken many years, and like the MQJ collection itself, this book will preserve the timeless beauty of Ming Furniture, for future generations.

  • New Paperback 20*26 cm, 520 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787108060662
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Published: 2017

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