Illustrated Acupuncture-Moxibustion Therapies for Common Disease

Chinese-English Illustrated Acupuncture-Moxibustion Therapies for Common Diseases. The book has three parts. The first part introduces meridians and collaterals. It presents the course and distribution of the fourteen meridians of human body respectively according to their regular circulatory directions. The second part involves acupoints. It includes acupoints of the fourteen meridians and extraordinary acupoints. The section on acupoints of the Fourteen Meridians introduces the 361 acupoints according to their regular circulatory directions. The section on extraordinary Acupoints introduces the 48 standard extraordinary acupoints which WHO set. The information on each acupoint includes: location; indications; method; mnemonic points and a related diagram, marking the international standard nomenclature and special acupoints. The third part is composed of an appendix including application of special acupoints, methods to locate acupoints, specific stimulating zones on the scalp, as well as ear acupoints. The book is characterized by the following features: Bilingual (Chinese-English, excellent text with necessary diagrams, concise descriptions, comprehensive contents, prominent emphasis and mnemonic points compiled according to the location of acupoints helping readers to remember, grasp and look through. In a word, this book is essential for readers to remember and grasp the knowledge of meridians, collaterals and acupoints.

  • New Hardcover 19*27 cm, 224 pp.


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ISBN: 9787532387403
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Published: 2007

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