Grand Canyon of the East

Even in Yunnan, a province famous for its different landscapes, biodiversity, and ethnic variety, Nujiang, its westernmost prefecture, stands out as something special.  Fully illustrated


Part One Landseapesand Lifestyles
Chapter One The Flow of the River
The Nu River
The Mountains
Flora, Fauna and Farms
Towns and Markets Market Days

Chapter Two Crossing the Angry River
Spanning with Fugong Stone
Suspension Bridges
Riding the Rope-Bridge

Chapter Three Caravans and Crossbows
Nujiang Caravans
Obstacles on the Trail
Decline of the Caravans
Crossbows in the Canyon
Using a Crossbow

Part Two In the Shadows of History
Chapter One The West Discovers
Nujiang The French Expedition of 1895
Jungle Explorers
From Pianma to Hpimaw and Back
Flying Tigers over Nujiang

Chapter Two New Gods for Nujiang
Missionary Monks
Catholic Pioneers
Protestant Preachers

Chapter Three The Acceleration of Time--20th Century Nujiang Securing the Last Frontier
The Morses Return
The Fate of the River

Part Three People of the canyon
Chapter One Earliest Settlers
The Nu Stake a Claim
Life, Love and Spirituality Among the Nu
Cousin Dulong

Chapter Two Latter-Day Migrants
Tibetans in Bingzhongluo
The Lure of the Canyon

Chapter Three Lisu White and Black Yunnan's Lisu
The Organization of Lisu Life
The Art of Looking Lisu
Marking the Passage of Time

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