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"Chinese-English Dictionary (3rd edition)" by the famous English scientist, expert Mr. Wu Guanghua Dictionary edited a large-scale comprehensive English class dictionary. By the Shanghai Jiaotong University Press published the first two versions, total print run of 10 million copies, won the 8th China Book Award, has a good reputation of market-based and reader. Translation agency was 3 of copyright after the lead in Mr. Wu Guanghua, the organization of experts around the country, made the original dictionary carefully revised. Version 3 received a total of 240,000 main entries, added new words and meanings 10 005 1000, increased to 16 million the total number of words; with particular emphasis on collection of social life in recent years, the emergence of new words and new meanings, such as "chief executive officers "and" El Nino "," mad cow disease "," swine flu "and" frustrating "," hide and seek "and so on. "English Dictionary" (3rd edition) published in the Journal to fill the large-scale comprehensive Chinese-English translation dictionary compilation field blank; the same time, with Mr. Lu Gusun editor of the "English Dictionary" companion form and complement each other perfectly. Apply to foreign workers, translators, scientists, teachers, students, graduate students, doctoral students, senior English self-learners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese, foreign students, foreign teachers and foreign waters learner, scholar, etc. . Reflect the latest scientific research in Chinese and English, the language and technology of integrated and comprehensive tool.

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Published: 2010

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