The Wild Orchids in Yunnan

The Wild Orchids in Yunnan is a scientific and artistic album with collection of 709 species of 151 genera (including 12 varieties and 1 hybrid). 22 new species, 35 newly recorded species in China and 31 newly recoreded species in Yunnan which have been discovered in recent research are also described in this album. All these species are put under 5 subfamilies according to the taxonomy of the orchids. The species are arranged in an alphabetical order of their Latin names. The morphological, phenological, geological and habitat information is given to all species. This book is both a good tool for the amateur and a valuable reference for the professionals.

  • New Hardcover 29*29.5 cm, 500 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787541641138
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Published: 2011

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