Traditional Culture of Li Ethnic Group

( 黎族传统文化 )


Slipcase, over 600 wonderful colour photos. The culture of the Li ethnic group has stood prominent in the centuries-long Chinese civilization and added a magnificent section to it. Culture itself is a kind of accumulation, and its characteristics took shape in a long process of evolution. The Li culture can be divided into three categories: material culture, symbolic culture and concept culture.Clearly, the book displays the unique and splendid traditional culture of the Li group. For instance, their hand-made textiles became well-known in the Song Dynasty for its excellent techniques, vivid colors, unique designs and wide varieties. Now the Li flowery costumes are still as magnificent as they were before. With a variety of laces and patterns, their costumes are glittering gems in the Chinese treasure house of clothing. Tattoo is a beauty carved in the skin, a history written on the human body and a flag showing their ethnic origin. Their traditional costumes and tattoos, which are the main topic of this book, mirror their social life and history and they are the core and carrier of their culture. A large space is taken in the book to introduce their farming culture, such as the plantation of mountain paddy and the farming method of trampling the field by a buffalo, their weaving handicrafts of all shapes of vine,bamboo and grass baskets and single-log wares. However, as social productivity advances, living standard improves and cultures mix together, the diversity of the Li culture is vanishing. Women with tattoos that we see today are over 60 years old or in their 70s and 80s. The culture is on the verge of extinction. Half the book, including photo capitions, is in English.The book is full of photos, much of it taken in the early 1980s when a research team of Nationality Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences conducted research about the Li traditional culture. In 2000 and editorial board was set up to publish a photo collection of the Li culture. Wang Xueping collected material and checked the manuscript with Li in remote areas. Information on the different Li groups is spit into linguistic groupings.

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