A Beginner's Guide to Taijiquan

( Simple Taiji Eexrcise for Health )


This book and DVD set introduces the 13-Step Taiji Exercise for Health and the Ten Movements of Taiji Roushu for Fitness. The 13-Step Taiji Exercise for Health is a simplified form of the 248-Step Taiji Internal-power Exercise for Health. This simplified approach uses fewer movements, and is thus well-suited to beginners. The ten forms of fitness-related Taijiquan, integrating meditation and exercise, were developed by Guan Yongnian on the basis of theTaiji Exercise Manuals' written by Taiji master Zhao Zhongdao who lived to the age of 119. The Ten Movements of Taiji Roushu for Fitness is easy to learn and helps to boost energy and prevent illness. The book introduces these steps with English explainations and photo illustrations. DVD demonstrates each step with English narrations.

  • New Paperback 15.5*22 cm, 75 pp.


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Published: 2010

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