The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea


The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea is the first comprehensive and accurate book in English on the fine art of Chinese tea. Given its light taste and wholesome properties, Chinese tea is the ideal natural beverage. This book clearly explains how to intelligently buy, prepare, and appreciate the world's healthiest drink.

There are hundreds of kinds of tea, distinguished by confusing Chinese names. The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea divides teas into just six types: white, green, yellow, oolong, red, and black. When you understand this simple system that Chinese themselves use, you can start to explore the world of tea with confidence.

Although most people think they can brew a proper pot of tea, in fact they're probably doing it wrong. Through centuries of trial and error, Chinese connoisseurs have come up with clever strategies for getting the most flavor out of the leaves. The Ultimate Guide describes the different Chinese methods for brewing tea and explains when to use them.

Chinese tea connoisseurship is even more sophisticated than wine appreciation. Experienced drinkers use refined concepts to discuss every nuance. The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea explains how subtle variations in flavor, aroma, color, density, and water impact the drinking experience. Once you learn how to control these factors, you can brew the world's best cup of tea.

  • New Paperback 14.5*21 cm, 142 pp.


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ISBN: 9789744801296
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Publisher: White Lotus
Published: 2008

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