An Illustrated Guide to Health Cultivation with Tibetan Medicine

This book contains full of ancient and anagogic culture of Tibetan medicine. It features vivid and interesting wall charts. Tangka, mural painting explains life, birth, common sense of life and disease, etc. This is the first PMPH's illustrated book on Tibetan medicine for people who are interested in Tibetan culture and medicine. Utilizing popular and mellifluous language, this book introduces the ancient and anagogic Tibetan medical system, including life, birth, daily life habits and disease, health-cultivation techniques, dietary regimen, sexual life, medicinal bath, etc. This book is full of a wide variety of practical knowledge which can be applied to everyday life. Using vivid and interesting wall charts, Tangka, mural paintings, it explains the connotation of Tibetan medicine.

  • New Hardcover 19.5*26.5 cm, 400 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787117091015
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Published: 2008

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