Zhongguo Xiyu Minzu Fushi Yanjiu

( A Study on the Costume and Adornment of the Nationalities in the Western Regions of China )

Text in Chinese, 610 illustrations, mostly in color. Contents in English. This study focuses on the costume and adornment of the ethnic minorities in the western regions of China (Xinjiang). It traces their origins from prehistoric times to modern day Xinjiang. Based on archaeological finds, it begins by examining rock paintings and primitive sewing tools, the elaborate designs of the Han dynasty, the rich cultural exchange on the Silk Road that produced rich garments and accessories in the Tang dynasty and after, and ends with a survey of the clothing and adornment of the present-day 12 minority groups in Xinjiang.

  • Chapter I: Pre-Han Dynasty
  • Chapter II: The Han Dynasty
  • Chapter III: The Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties
  • Chapter IV: The Sui and T'ang Dynasties
  • Chapter V: The Five, Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties
  • Chapter VI: Modern Times (nowadays Xinjing)

  • New Hardcover 22*30 cm, 328 pp.


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