The Genus Paphiopedilum in China

Text in Chinese and English, illustrated. Paphiopedilums, as one of the most attractive flowers in the Orchidacease, have numerous lovers in many parts of the world. The present book is mainly a taxonomic treatment of Chinese taxa based on living material. Most of the Chinese species treated here have been observed in the wild for several times, and will be provided with color photographs of there habitats in this book. In addition, their history, morphology, reproduction, ecology, geographical distribution, conservation, hybridization, cultivation, propagation, disease and pests are briefly introduced and discussed. In order to meet the need of foreign readers, the chapters 5 and 10, about the classification of the genus, are written in both Chinese and English.

Chapter 1 History
Chapter 2 Morphology and reproduction
Chapter 3 Ecology and geographical distribution
Chapter 4 Conservation
Chapter 5 Classification of Paphiopedilum
Chapter 6 Hybridization
Chapter 7 Cultivation
Chapter 8 Propagation
Chapter 9 Diseases and pets
Chapter 10 Synopsis of the non-Chinese taxa of Paphiopedilum Literature cited
Index of Chinese names
Index of scientific names

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