Comprehensive Monograph of Contemporary Medicinal Plants 4 vol.

( 当代药用植物典 )


Comprehensive Monograph of Contemporary Medicinal Plants 4 volumes. Text in Chinese with latin names. pp 500+556+560+560. The book is divided into three parts and four volumes. The book collected information on more than 800 frequently used medicinal plant species from both China and abroad. Each entry of medicinal plant species includes Chinese, Latin and English names, main geographical distribution region, main morphological characteristics, medicinally effective parts, chemical composition, pharmacological effects and the progress in clinical applications. Abundant diagrams are used to supplement the explanations. The book adopted the definition of the medicinal plant species in broader sense, to include not only the traditional medicinal plant species being used for a long time both in China and abroad, but also the new products made from the medicinal plants, natural health plant products, natural plant cosmetics, natural plant pigment, and so on. The book reflects the results of the authors’ in-depth investigations on these medicinal plant species for many years. On the basis of systematic compilation and analysis of the illustrations of the efficacies of these medicinal plants in the voluminous traditional medicinal literatures, the book introduced the latest medical progress in plant biochemistry, pharmacological, toxi - cological and clinical research. For each medicinal plant species mentioned, the authors also give pertinent comments and suggestions on sustainable exploitation and utilization, as well as safety in clinical applications. All these might contribute greatly to the clarification of the mechanism of the role of the traditional medicine plants, to the modernization of the science of traditional medicinal plants, and to guidance for future clinical applications. The book is well written with few errors. Abundant illustrations help readers understand the explanations. The book is suitable for professionals who engage in plant science, pharmaceutical research, production, development, testing as well as sales staff or other persons who are interested in these fields.

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Published: 2008

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