Gingko in China

( 中国银杏志 )


Text in Chinese. Since the 1980s, Chinese scientists have carried out a series of comprehensive studies on the gingko trees. The book Ginkgo in China is a systematic summation of these studies. As well, the book collected and analysed other abundant information on the Ginkgo at home and abroad. The book covers almost every aspect of the Ginkgo, such as its origin, evolution and taxonomy, history of cultivation and utilization, natural populations and cultivation areas, biological and ecological characteristics, cultivation techniques, exploitation and use of Ginkgo resources, genetics and breeding, and so on. Chapter one, is an outline of the Ginkgo’s name, and its economic, ecological, social, cultural, scientific values, develop mental status, and prospects; Chapter two covers the origin, evolution and taxonomy of the Ginkgo; Chapter three, the history of cultivation and utilization of the Ginkgo at home and abroad; Chapter four, the natural populations and cultivation regions of the Ginkgo; Chapter five: the biological characteristics of ginkgo; Chapter six, the cultivation techniques of ginkgo; Chapter seven, the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of Ginkgo resources; Chapter eight, the germ plasm and breeding of the Ginkgo; Chapter nine, reputed varieties, strains or individuals of Ginkgo in China; Chapter 10, key areas of Ginkgo production; and Chapter 11, the development of the culture of the Ginkgo.

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