The Art of Chinese Ritual Masks


Chinese wunuo masks have a history stretching back thousands of years and have spread throughout a wide area. They are made of varied materials in numerous varieties, delicate designs, and unique style. Over 600 masks are illustrated in color here, representing all major phases in the history of Chinese masks and covering almost 20 nationalities and more than 20 provinces and regions. A separate volume includes English translations of the essays. Ancient wunuo masks are both cultural relics and works of art. They are sculptures created by artists working in wood, bamboo, clay, leather, cloth, paper, and other materials utilizing engraving, painting, decoration, and other creative methods. Wunuo masks are the cultural carriers of rites and customs and were believed to dispel evil, earn good luck, evade misfortune, and obtain blessings. In a decorated slipcase, there are a decorated, cloth-bound volume (with text in Chinese and captions in English and Chinese) and a soft cover volume (with an English text).

  • New Hardcover 24*31.5 cm, 263 pp.


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ISBN: 9789576383373
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Publisher: SMC Publication
Published: 1996

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