Chinese-English Illustrated Tuina Therapies for Common Diseases

The book focuses on how to treat commonly seen diseases with Tuina therapy. In order to make studying easier and more convenient, many pictures and illustrations are used to explain the contents. In addition, the book also discusses many practical Tuina manipulations including those used in pediatric Tuina therapy, it also presents the diagnosis and treatment procedures for common diseases. The book is expounded in four chapters. The first chapter introduces more than 30 frequently used manipulations including single and compound manipulations as well as manipulations used in pediatric Tuina therapy. A detail and concrete explanation on the essentials of Tuina manipulations, procedures of practice and precautions during practice is given. The second chapter discusses the close relations between Tunia therapy and the theory of meridians, collaterals and acupoints. It outlines the knowledge of meridians and collaterals and the acupoints often used in Tuina clinic. The third chapter illustrates the clinical manipulations, diagnosis and tuina treatments of about 50 diseases, adults and children. The fourth chapter, in the form of 12 series of movements, introduces the self-health-Tuina exercise. It further brings the strength of Tuina therapy in preventing diseases into bold relief. The book is suitable for those readers who are Tuina practitioners, the faculty and students of the universities of TCM, Tunia therapy fans, those going abroad, overseas Tuina practitioners and international students.

  • New Hardcover 19*26.5 cm, 203 pp.


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