Stroke & Parkinson's Disease

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Stroke & Parkinson's Disease. Stroke and Parkinson's disease are both frequently seen in the neurology department. These conditions affect a great number of individuals around the world, most commonly appearing in the elderly. Although present pharmaceutical approaches to treatment achieve certain therapeutic effect, many side effects usually result. Furthermore, these approaches fail to prevent progression. Systematic literature review shows that the application of Chinese medicine results in a definite therapeutic effect with very few side effects. Chinese medicine applies a strategy of regulation that can strenghten physical resistance and eliminate pathogens. Depending upon the pattern of disharmony, specific tonification methods that free the vessels may be applied. Both clinical experience and experimental research demonstrate that Chinese medicine offers superior therapeutic results when combined with standard rehabilitation methods. This book is an important component text in the series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. The intention of this book is to introduce the Chinese medical experience to our overseas readers, while offering a variety of complementary and integrative treatment methods for patients suffering from stroke or Parkinson's disease.

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Published: 2007

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