Among the Tribes in Southwest China


In the high mountains and deep valleys of Southwest China inhabited Miao, Chung-chia (today’s Bouyei), Lolo (No-su, today’s Yi). Among the Tribes in South-West China provides a comprehensive introduction to these tribes found in the provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan.

Samuel R. Clarke, with a deep knowledge of these tribes, vividly accounts the long history and rich traditions of these unknown peoples. For the first time in English this survey records their customs, legends, languages, religious beliefs and festivals. The emphasis was in particular put on the Miao people.

With the author’s close observation, the different sub-groups of the Miao narrate their epic stories of the creation of the universe, the Lushen musical festivals when the young boys court the girls, their quaint shamanistic practices, and marriage customs. The second part of this volume is contributed to the Chung-chia, the black Lolo and white Lolo, and missionary work in the early 1910’s among these peoples, which has a profound impact on the life and culture of these peoples. The tribes found in today’s Yunnan, Guangxi and Southeast Asia, the Li in Hainan are also discussed.

This fascinating study, was first published in 1911, still widely read and quoted today, amply illustrated with black & white photos, is of great importance to anybody with a keen interest on the ethnic minorities of Southwest China. The new prologue by professor Nicholas Tapp greatly enhanced the value of this book.

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