Nuosu Yi-Chinese-English Glossary

This is a three-language glossary of the standardized form of Yi language, as spoken by about two million people, mostly in southern Sichuan province in China. The main glossary includes approximately 6,600 entries. Each main entry uses standard Nuosu Yi characters, the standard romanized form, and IPA equivalents for the vernacular words. Entry contents include part of speech and gloss or definition in both Chinese and English, and references to antonyms and conversives. Three and four-syllable variant forms are included as subentries. Supplemental materials include Nuosu Yi syllable lists sorted both in standard Nuosu order and in English order, a Chinese-Yi index, an English-Yi index, radical and stroke lookup index for finding unrecognized Yi characters, and a standard table of Yi characters with page number references to the main glossary. Each book includes a CD with an HTML version of the glossary that can be used in a web browser on any personal computer. Required fonts are included on the CD.

  • New Paperback 15*21 cm, 811 pp.


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Published: 2008

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