Formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This textbook consists of two parts. Part one is mainly an introduction to basic knowledge of Chinese herbal formulae. It also includes the appendices concerning tables of Apothecaries, Measures and Weights. Part two contains 190 principal formulae and 90 associated formulae, in accordance with their effects, they are divided into 18 chapters, including formulae of relieving exterior syndrome, purgative, digestant, mediating, heat-clearing, interior-warming tonic, astringent, sedative, resuscitation, regulating qi, regulating blood, eliminating dampness, eliminating phlegm, dispelling wind, moistening dryness, parasite-expelling formulae and emetic formulae. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, under the auspices of the Department of Science and Education for the State Administration of TCM has compiled the English-Chinese Textbook Series in TCM for undergraduate of college. These textbooks include Basic Theories of TCM, Diagnostics of TCM, Chinese Materia Medica, Formulas of TCM, Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine, and Acupuncture & Moxibustion.

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