Pictorial Cambodian Textiles


The pictorial representation of Cambodian silk hangings, pidan, are unique in mainland Southeast Asia. Using the extraordinarily difficult weft hol techniques, the weavers create spectacular and complex pictorial designs of great intricacy. Many of the few surviving antique textiles in this genre visualize Theravada Buddhist themes. However, the imagery of another group of pidan springs from a different source, and are distinguished by their combinations of birds, snakes and trees of life; other even more unusual cloths have ship images. Latest research suggests these hangings were an essential part of celebrations held at the end of the rainy season. This book assembles for the first time a comprehensive collection of pictorial pidan from private and public collections, many hitherto unpublished, allowing the reader to marvel at the intricacy and delicacy of these extraordinary feats of weaving.

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Published: 2008

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