Colour Atlas of Anticancer Animal, Plants & Mineral Preparations

( 抗癌动植矿物彩色图鉴及其应用 )

Colour Atlas of Anticancer Animal, Plants & Mineral Preparations & Their Application. Text in Chinese and English. The sources, constituents, actions, indications and prescriptions of each anticancer preparation is mentioned in detail, and each remedy is shown in colour to enhance their correct identification. The preparations described in the book are divided into three parts: The first introduces 71 remedies where the constituents are well known, actions are clear, and where clinical indications have been demonstrated to be effective. The second part introduces 166 drugs where the constituents are generally known, the actions have been studied but are not quite clear, and where the clinical indications are recognised as being effective to a certain degree. The third part introduces those drugs with less clear or complete constituents, actions and clinical indications, but most of them have been studied or used clinically with single drugs or composite prescriptions and been shown to have a certain efficacy in cancer treatment. An index to the Latin names of the drugs is attached.

  • New Hardcover 18.5*26 cm, 352 pp.


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