Ci Xiu (Embroidery) 2 Volumes

( 中国贵州民族民间美术全集·刺绣卷 )

Zhongguo Guizhou Minzu Minjian Meishu Quanji, Ci Xiu (Compendium of Guizhou Ethnic Minority Folk Arts Series, Embroidery). Text in Chinese, fully illustrated with great color photos. Groups the embroidery into styles of Qingshui Jiang(清水江), Liu Jiang(柳江) and others, studys their respective styles, motifs, patterns, and embroidery skills. Textile includes aprons, jackets, skirts, baby carriers, mainly on Miao, but also Kejia, Dong, Yao, Buyi, Tujia.


  • New Hardcover 22*29 cm, 454 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787221079527
Shipping Weight: 9lbs
Published: 2008

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