Li Nationality's Custom Pictures of Qing Dynasty

( 清代黎族风情图 )


Text in Chinese and English. Fully illustrated. This book includes three picture albums, 琼州海黎图 (Li's Pictures of Joan State, Hainan), 琼黎海黎图 (Guide Look of Hainan Li Nationality), 琼黎风俗图 (Custom Pictures of Hainan Li Nationality). These genres use prose, poetry, and detailed illustrations to depict Li minority ethnic groups living in Hainan island during mid-nineteen century. These collections of hand-painted illustrations and handwritten text tells their marriage, weaving, hunting, fishing, ploughing, harvesting, quarrying, costumes, reflecting Li's traditional production, life styles and custom. They contain valuable information for anthropologists, artists, and historians. This wonderful volume reproduces the altogether 49 colored illustrations from the three original albums and the corresponding Chinese calligraphic text.

  • New Hardcover 24*31 cm, 217 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787544323185
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Publisher: 海南出版
Published: 2007

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