Dogs of China & Japan in Nature and Art


Colour frontis with tissue guard, 9 internal colour plates with tissue guards and 90 black & white plates, index. Embossed gilt dog on front cover under gilt title. Light foxing. Covers eastern dogs in early times, attitude of Confucius toward dogs, use of dogs by Chinese and Japanese emperors for sporting and pets; Dog lore and superstition in China, Korea, Indonesia, America and Europe. Dog temple in Peking, dogs in Buddhism, Lamaism, Taoism and Fengshui; Dog breeding, the dogs of Kublai Khan, Imperial dog books, dogs of emperors and empress, commercial breeding of dogs in Manchuria and Mongolia; Sporting and Guard dogs. Chinese sporting dogs, Tibetan Mastiff, greyhound in China; The Chinese Lion; Symbolism of the Buddhist and Lamaist lion; Historical References to dogs of Pekingese type; Evolution of the Pekingese type; Points of the Chinese Pekingese type; the Chinese pug, the japanese dog, the chinese lion dog, toy dogs in Chinese art.

  • Used Hardcover 23*29 cm, 207 pp.


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Published: 1921

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