Yunnan Ferns of China(Supplement)

( 中国云南蕨类植物(新编) )


Text in Chinese and English, index, fully illustrated with colour photos. This is the supplement to the first volume Yunnan Ferns of China. Introduces 290 species, representing more than 46 different families, ranging from the distinctive club mosses of the genera Lycopodium and Selaginella, to representatives of ancient fern groups such as Marattiaceae and Osmundaceae, to extraordinary forest epiphytes such as Elaphoglossum and Platycerium.

“The first volume set an excellent precedent in its detailed colour photographs of the species studied, combined with notes on distribution and habitat, and this format is followed in the present volume. These photos are not simply of the whole plant, often growing in its natural setting, but they give details of the gametophyte, leaf structure and venation, and particularly of the sori, their character and distribution. Since soral characters and the nature of the sporangia forming them play a major role in fern systematics, this latter feature is particularly important. Equally, the nature of the gametophyte is a significant feature of the information presented, since this is a stage in the life cycle which has generally received little if any attention in the fern systematic literature. The inclusion of this feature for so many of the species covered is itself a tribute to the patience and skill of Yu Jiao in cultivating these very vulnerable little plants.” - Foreword by Professor William G. Chaloner FRS, London Unviersity

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Published: 2007

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