My Mini Chinese Dictionary


My Mini Chinese Dictionary, together with My Mini Radical Dictionary are exercise-type dictionaries for learners to learn Chinese in an accumulative way by themselves. The book chooses more than 600 words that are used most frequently in daily life, which are organized into four categories and more than 20 sub-categories. All the words have pinyin, English explanation and stroke-tracing exercises. For beginning learners, mastering these words will enable them to getting around in their daily life, and will help them build up a solid foundation for further study. There is blank space in each category for users to fill in new words of the same category they've learned. This way they can "compile" a dictionary of their own, which will greatly stimulate their interest in learning more characters. Illustrations are given for learners to practice picture talk through which they will better master the usage of words in real-life context. Also there are English and pinyin indexes for learners'easy reference.

  • New Paperback 18.5*26 cm, 88 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787561918739
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Published: 2007

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