Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points


"Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points" is an essential clinical and academic guide to master the art of acupuncture point location. It is a valuable compilation of experienced traditional Chinese medical doctors such as Professor Guo Chang-qing, Dr. Liu Nai-Gang, Dr. Hu Bo and many others.This book provides detailed description of all the acupuncture points along the channels and vessels as well as important extra points. Each point has a complete description of point locations with their indications, actions and clinical combinations. It also includes various needling and moxibustion techniques along with cross anatomical and vivid illustrations.The intent of this book is to provide a clear and exact point location manual along with their clinical actions and indications. This important tool may serve as an academic and practical reference for the serious student and senior practitioner alike in both their clinical and teaching work.It describes the meaning of the Chinese names of the points. It explains a clear and specific anatomical location of every acupuncture point along the channels and vessels as well as 65 extra points. It exhibits over 1,315 graphic and vivid illustrations with a cross anatomical section to demonstrate the correct depth and direction of insertion of the needle and what tissues it involves. It presents a detailed explanation of point actions, indications along with acupuncture and moxibustion techniques.

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Published: 2007

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